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 Ride Classifications

The Salem Bicycle Club classifies its rides based on two criteria--distance and difficulty. 

The "difficulty" criterion is represented by a letter designation between A and D and is based on the total amount of climbing (elevation gain) on the route. These letter designations are displayed on the ride details page accessed by clicking on one of the calendar dates. The letter designation are also included on the rides list published in Spokes. The amount of climbing on each ride is listed on the map that can be accessed from the ride details page. A profile of the route is also available at the GPS link provided on the ride details page.

The distance and difficulty for each ride are combined into the color coding system shown on the chart below to provide users with a quick and easy way to determine how challenging a particular ride is likely to be. Riders should be aware that these classifications are subjective and dependent on the experience and condition of the individual. Ride names on the calendar are displayed in these colors.


0-800 feet
of climbing*

801-1600 feet
of climbing*

1601-2400 feet
of climbing*

more than 2400 feet
of climbing*
0 - 35 miles
36 - 70 milesModerateModerateDifficultDifficult
more than
70 miles
DifficultDifficultVery DifficultVery Difficult

Rides designated as High Wheelers are shorter rides on which a club member will accompany slower cyclists on the entire route. New riders are encouraged to participate on High Wheelers until they have become acquainted with the club.

* The letter designations for some rides may vary from the figures above as a result of adjustment based on club members' experience.

Important Note: The classification of rides is a work-in-progress. Prior to 2013, letter designators were assigned on more subjective criteria and, generally, without the benefit of accurate data on the total amount of climbing on routes. As routes are mapped and more quantitative information becomes available, the letter designators will be adjusted. The color coding for rides prior to 2013 used criteria that are different than is shown on the above chart.

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