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Jakey ROS 2024

Ride of Silence 2024

                                             A crowd of over 50 riders descended on Marion Street Wednesday evening to pay tribute to someone either killed or injured while biking, or themselves surviving getting hit by a driver. With 2 City Council members and others sharing why they were riding, the procession took the streets to ride silently, feeling sadness and trying to make sense of these senseless tragedies that could have been avoided if vehicles worked on sharing the road.  

     Salem Bicycle Club and Salem Bike Vision co-hosted the event to help raise awareness of the need for more dedicated space for bicyclists. Tim Newman (SBC) and Ian Davidson (SBV) both felt that the turnout and support was wonderful, but we can do better to raise the awareness that bicyclists just want to be able to share the roadways and feel safe.


Group ROC 2024

The Salem Bicycle Club has promoted recreational biking and bicycle advocacy since 1969.

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Monster Cookie 2023 Climb

We have compiled a list of cycling events throughout Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.

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Monster Cookie 2024
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