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Safe, Protected Bike Routes

Salem Bicycle Club supports the Salem Bike Vision; a separate organization working for routes that enable cyclists of all abilities to travel safely to all parts of the Salem community.  It is led by individuals from the Salem City Council, Salem Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee, and the Board of Cherriots.  For more information, click on the following button which will take you to their website.

Important Incremental Safety Improvements

Whenever possible the Salem Bicycle Club advocates for improved road design, maintenance, traffic laws, and enforcement to improve safety.  As a member, you help grow our club and the significance of our voice.  You can also help us identify possible changes that would improve safety and encourage cycling.  The following link takes you to a table summarizing opportunities on which we currently focus.  Please suggest other specific roadways or issues we should work to address.
SBC Letters Advocating for Bike Safety