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SBC Ride Mileage Policy

Ride credit will be awarded only for participation in Salem Bicycle Club rides as developed by the Rides Committee and listed in the club rides schedule on the SBC website. A ride may be amended in advance through website notification to the membership by the Rides Committee chair or, in the absence of the chair, the President. To receive ride credit, a member must sign the release/waiver at the designated start time and location. Members' annual totals of rides and mileage will be used to determine the winners of the Battered Saddle, PEDAL, Road Animal, and 10/500 awards.

The Rides Committee shall have lead responsibility for determining which rides will be scheduled as club rides. Any club member may propose that the Rides Committee schedule a ride by contacting the committee chair. The following criteria shall be used by the committee when selecting rides for inclusion as club rides:

  • The ride must be organized by the Salem Bicycle Club.
  • A member of the Salem Bicycle Club must be designated as the ride coordinator.
  • Rides sponsored by another club or as a part of another organization's charity events shall not be included.
  • The ride shall not conflict with the club's general meeting or one of the club's event rides (the Monster Cookie and Peach of a Century).

The Board of Directors, in consultation with the Rides Committee, may waive these criteria for a specified ride if the board concludes that broad interest among club members in the ride is likely and that participation by club members will materially advance the club's objectives.

January 2017

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