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2015 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

January 13, 2015

Present: Preslee Jeffers, Hersch Sangster, Bob Luoma, David Philbrick, Chuck Young, Cyndy Lovejoy, Sandy Lundblad, Eric Cardella, Chris Hoy, Carolyn Foland.

Treasurer’s Report

Operating Fund: $2,925.89
Ride Events: 3,190.90
Money Market: 13,240.90
Bank of the Cascades: 10,097.43
Pay Pal: 86.65
Total: $29,541.80

New Board Members/ Officer Selection: David announced that Cyndy is resigning from the Board. Cyndy has a job transfer to Texas. She will be leaving in March. David and several of the Board members mentioned that there were a couple of members interested in the position. The Board agreed to have David announce the Board opening at the Banquet. This could generate even more interest in the position. Election for the position would be at the February 2015 General Meeting.

SBC Banquet: The Annual Banquet will be at the Boys and Girls Club building on January 25, 2015 at 6 pm. Hersch worked with the caterer (Loustic Catering) on the menu. She reduced the cost to $24 plus gratuity, with SBC providing the cider. The meal will be lasagna (meat and vegetarian). The Board approved giving Banquet tickets to the local Bike Shops that helped at our events in 2014 including the NW Hub.

Volunteer Points/Awards/10/500: David went over the Volunteer points spreadsheet with the Board. David recommended adding 15 points and making permanent on the list the coordinator for the annual picnic, reducing the Mapping Work Group members down to 5 points since the workload is now reduced. He recommended adding 10 points to the Treasurer and Secretary roles, adding 5 points for the Editorial Board and 10 points for the SAG/Emergency Hotline person on the Cookie. David asked that the points for the Peach be split 30/40 with Joanne H. receiving the higher points. Jackie Lefevre for her bookkeeping work will receive 25 points. Finally David gave 2 points to those members that did public outreach/education in 2014. The Board fully agreed with the additions and changes and approved the Volunteer Gift be given to members with 18 points and above. Hersch went over the 2014 Road Animal recipients with the Board. These are members who rode more than 2500 club ride miles and participated or helped with both of the Club’s event rides. The Board approved the list.

Monster Cookie: David stated Larry Miles will coordinate the Monster Cookie Committee if the workload could be shared. Larry indicated that after the holidays the Committee could meet and go over assignments.

Budget/Banking: David stated that we need to renew the signature cards at the Bank of the Cascade since we have a new treasurer and Board members.

New Cards for:  David Philbrick – 2015 SBC President; Sandy Lundblad – 2015 SBC Treasurer; Hersch Sangster – 2015 SBC Secretary. David will make arrangements for the bank signatures.
Sandy has the night deposit key for the Keizer Branch. She would like to change to the South Salem Branch since it is closer to her home. The Board was in agreement with this. Sandy will exchange keys and set things up at the South Branch.

SBC 2015 Budget: The Board reviewed the proposed 2015 SBC budget. David talked about the importance of a good Monster Cookie. The budget is a conservative one. David asked approval on Spokes advertisement process to stay the same for this year with advertisers getting SPOKES ad space based on donations to the Club and for the Banquet. The Board agreed for this year. The insurance for the SBC was discussed. Currently we are covered for liability only, and no Directors/Officers coverage. This does expose each Board member. It was recommended that we go ahead and purchase the additional coverage at $875 along with the current coverage. The Board fully approved this expense.

The Board fully approved the 2015 SBC budget.

February 10, 2015

Present: Preslee Jeffers, Hersch Sangster, Bob Luoma, David Philbrick, Chuck Young, Sandy Lundblad, Chris Hoy, Carolyn Foland.

Treasurer’s Report

Operating Fund: $2,925.89
Ride Events: 3,190.93
Money Market: 13,240.90
Bank of the Cascades: 10,097.43 
Pay Pal: 201.37
Total: $29,556.52

David indicated the SBC had received a check from EZ Orchards for advertising in Spokes. David will be checking to see if the Directors/Officers insurance was purchased yet.

The Board approved giving the old projector to the Boys and Girls Club.

New Board Members/ Officer Selection: Last month David announced that Cyndy Lovejoy was resigning from the Board. David sought members interested in the open position. As of the Board meeting, Winnie Sangirardi had expressed interest in the open position. The Board agreed to have the election for the position with Winnie’s name submitted at the February 2015 General Meeting.

Monster Cookie: The first meeting of the Monster Cookie Committee was on February 4. Larry Miles is the overall coordinator with board members being given assignments.

The Cookie Committee: David Philbrick, John Sangster, Chris Hoy, Hersch Sangster, Larry Miles, Carolyn Foland, Bob Luoma, Chuck Young, and Preslee Jeffers. David proposed finalizing the registration form for the Monster Cookie. The Board approved keeping the costs the same for this year and the $1 per rider will go to “Promoting bicycling and bicycle safety education in the community.”

Keizer Rotary End Polio “Do 45 at the 45th” Ride: Hersch sent a proposal to the Board to again sponsor this ride as the SBC did last year, but making it a sanctioned ride so members could get SBC mileage. David indicated that the SBC has a specific bylaw policy on this type of request and it needs to be followed (see SBC Ride Mileage Policy). The ride is being designed by two Salem Bicycle Club members that will act as ride coordinators Hersch Sangster and Chuck Fisher The date of the ride is June 28, 2015. It does not conflict with other SBC events. It would fill in a gap on the cycling calendar left by the loss of the June SBC Watermelon Ride. The ride is locally focused, starting at Volcano Stadium. Last year of the 47 riders, 10 were SBC members. The coordinators are planning for 200 riders to participate in the ride this year. Rotary would fill all the volunteer positions, cover liability and get needed donations. The SBC Board approved the sponsorship with the ride coordinators being able to use SBC equipment and approved the sanctioning of the ride pending the review by the SBC Rides Committee. Hersch will attend the next Rides Committee and report back on their findings.

Movie Sponsorship: David indicated he had a discussion with Michael from South Salem Cycle Works on a bicycling documentary on the Portland experience. It was suggested that the SBC co-sponsor it as part of a community forum. David had not yet reviewed the movie, but will do so and report back to the Board.

Hersch mentioned that Gary Obery had formed a group to promote bike boulevards in Salem. The SBC will have him as a guest speaker in May.

March 10, 2015

Present: Preslee Jeffers, Hersch Sangster, Bob Luoma, David Philbrick, Chuck Young, Sandy Lundblad, Chris Hoy, Carolyn Foland, Winnie Sangirardi, Dennis Hahn, Eric Cardella.

Treasurer’s Report

Operating Fund: $3,476.37
Ride Events: 2,422.98
Money Market: 10,241.87
Bank of the Cascades: 10,097.43 
Pay Pal: 1,130.99
Total: $27,369.64

Sandy presented a listing of all transactions January through March 2015 for the Board to review.

New Board Member: David welcomed the newest SBC Board member Winnie Sangirardi.

Update on Boys and Girls Club Programs: Dennis stated the he is re-starting the Flow Riders program at the West Salem Boys and Girls Club. He is planning on developing up to 10 kids that are committed to the Flow Rider program. He will be starting with just basic cycling and how to take care of your bicycle first. He will be working with the West Salem Courthouse for Spinning Class for the kids. He is hoping to develop a core group of high schoolers that can help the younger kids. He will be in contact with the high schools and their After-School Coordinators. Eric indicated that Boys and Girls Club will be receiving a grant from Comcast and United Way that will help increase the summer youth cycling programs to 10 weeks. Each session will be two weeks and geared for 3rd through 8th graders.

Monster Cookie: David indicated that everything seems to be going well on the Cookie planning. All the permits have been purchased. Hersch listed the places that advertising had been placed, from REI to the Oregonian. It was suggested that 50+ and Salem-Keizer Area Senior Centers be contacted, too. The next meeting for the Cookie Committee will be April 1 at 6:00 at Windermere. David shared a black and white copy of the design for the T-shirts. Colors for the t-shirt and design had yet been determined.

David had prepared a draft of an SBC pamphlet that would help explain the Club and be a good handout at events and at the bikes shops. David asked that Board members review and critique the draft for him. On Friday March 13 at 4 pm, Chris will take pictures of members at the Capitol for use in the pamphlet.

Earth Day and VeloTech: The SBC received a request to participate at the Earth Day activities on April 11 and the opening of a new VeloTech Bike Shop in Tigard on March 28. Hersch volunteered to do these two events. David has Monster Cookie applications that can be used at these events to promote the ride.

Keizer Rotary End Polio Now “Do 45 at the 45th” Ride: Hersch reported that the Board had tentatively approved sponsorship and mileage sanctioning of the End Polio Now Ride pending the Ride Committee’s review and approval. The Rides Committee approved the proposal that ride should be a SBC sanctioned mileage ride. The ride coordinators will be Hersch Sangster and Chuck Fisher. The date of the ride is June 28, 2015.  Based on the feedback from the Rides Committee the Board approved sponsoring and sanctioning mileage for the End Polio Now Ride. 

SBC Jerseys: Our jersey order was less than the 15 minimum required. We had 13. Hersch spoke with Voler and asked that it be honored since we have been good customers in the past. After a review by Volver, they indicated that the order would be honored, however, some of the later ordered items might not be here by Monster Cookie, but they will try.

Other SBC Events: Earth Day, April 11, 2015; Salem Sunday Streets, August 30, 2015; Monster Cookie, April 26, 2015; End Polio Ride “Do 45 at the 45th,” June 28, 2015; and the Peach of A Century, September 13, 2015.

April 14, 2015

Present: Preslee Jeffers, Bob Luoma, David Philbrick, Chuck Young, Chris Hoy, Absent : Carolyn Foland, Winnie Sangirardi, Hersch Sangster, Sandy Lundblad, Guests: Gary and Angela Obrey.

Treasurer’s Report

Operating Fund: $7, 158.49
Ride Events: 5,151.85
Money Market: 10,242.31
Bank of the Cascades: 10,097.43 
Pay Pal: 406.41
Total: $33,056.49

The Board reviewed a listing of all transactions January through April 2015.

Board Member Opening: Carolyn Foland announced her resignation from the Board. Her position is open till the end of 2015. The opening will be announced in SPOKES and at the General Meeting. Board members are encouraged to seek volunteers for this position.

Salem Bike Boulevards: Gary and Angela Obery lead a discussion on bike boulevards and the formal group that is promoting them in Salem- Salem Bike Boulevard Advocates (bikeboulevards@gmail.com). The SBBA has given numerous presentations to civic and neighborhood associations. The SBBA would like better infrastructure for every day biking activities in Salem. Bike boulevards, also known as neighborhood greenways, are quiet streets and or linear parks. Streets are low volume, low speed streets with added design elements to make sure bikes and cars go the same speed, and they discourage people from cutting through the street with curb extensions, pinch points, pavement markings and signage. Stops signs would be turned so bikes have a clear path with the right of way. They improve safety for bicyclist. Bike boulevards are attractive, convenient and a comfortable neighborhood environment for citizens of all ages and skills. The SBC Board agreed to write a letter of support for bike boulevards to the City of Salem as well as for grants as they become available. Board members who live in Salem signed the petition to the Mayor of Salem supporting bike boulevards.

Full Lane Use: David mentioned the recent article in the Statesman Journal on David Fox’s incident on State Street about use of the full travel lane. The incident pointed out the distinction between the fog line and bike lane and the lack of understanding among the driving public. 

Monster Cookie: The Board revisited the earlier decision of all volunteers getting t-shirts, except the packet stuffers. The Board reversed the decision – all volunteers will get t-shirts. David and Preslee will coordinate on what needs to be picked up at the locker. Carolyn will be helping as the Emergency/SAG coordinator on the day of the ride.

New Member Items: Preslee indicated that he had only 48 of the jersey bins left. These have been a great item for new members since they are easy to mail. This item had been first purchased as 10/500 item and then used for new members. Further discussion wil continue when Hersch is at the meeting. David suggested patches for 10/500. David requested information on the number of members the SBC has.

National Bike Challenge: SBC is hosting the local challenge in Marion and Polk Counties as well as having a SBC Team. Chris Hoy is the contact person and can demonstrate the bike challenge website.

Keizer Big Toy Project: Hersch had requested Board approval for use of the SBC bike parking racks for the Keizer Community Big Toy building project in June. The Board approved unanimously. 

Future SBC Events: Monster Cookie, April 26, 2015; End Polio Ride “Do 45 at the 45th,” June 28, 2015; Salem Sunday Streets, August 30, 2015; and Peach of a Century, September 13, 2015.

Future Items for the Board: Monster Cookie Wrap-up – Donation Requests.

May 12, 2015

Present: Preslee Jeffers, Bob Luoma, Chuck Young, Chris Hoy, Winnie Sangirardi, Hersch Sangster, Sandy Lundblad. Absent: David Philbrick.

Chris opened the meeting in David’s absence.

Treasurer’s Report

Operating Fund: $18,356.29
Ride Events: 3,447.36
Money Market: 10,242.73
Bank of the Cascades: 10,097.43 
Pay Pal: 210.11
Petty Cash: 20.00
Total: $42,373.92

Monster Cookie: Preslee reported being pepper sprayed by a rider while he was a Road Guard. It was never determined if the rider was on the Monster Cookie or was an independent rider. The Sheriff’s Office never found the person. Preslee suggested that riders should have a number or some way to be identified that they are on our ride. Hersch said that the SAG drivers reported that it was hard to determine if riders were on the Cookie or not. Two of the SAG drivers reported stopping to help riders that turned out not to be on the Cookie. The Board agreed that numbers or some type of identifier that is visible is needed for safety and security for the SBC and riders. Hersch and Preslee will look into what is available and the costs. Sandy reported that we had a person that had pre-registered, canceled before the data entry was completed, but showed up at the ride. The registration people had her complete a new registration form. The concern was whether she would have already been entered into the system. It did work out okay. Chris handled one issue where the rider did not want to sign the waiver for some reason. Chris was able to convince the rider to sign it. Several riders that had pre-ordered T-shirts did not get them or they we not the correct size in the packets.

Peach Planning: Joanne Heilinger and David Philbrick will be coordinating the Peach this year. They will need lots of volunteers to help. Winnie volunteered to help at registration and Hersch said he could help SAG The Board agreed to use the same routes for 62, 75 and 100 miles that were used last year. Registration and other costs were also approved based on last year’s figures. Shirley, the T-shirt vendor, informed David that she had created a SportTex t-shirt sample using the Monster Cookie graphics for the Peach. The color choices are limited, but style options are available. Shirley has decided the Peach t-shirt will be dark blue. Hersch just had McNary High School do a graphic design for t-shirts for the END Polio Ride. He got 12 different designs and was able to select one and now is working with Image Action Wear to commercially do the t-shirts. Image reported that they can do more colors with their SportTex t-shirts and the cost would be under $12. The Board asked that Hersch check into asking Randy Thomas to do a draft design or something, since it is too late in the school year to ask any of the high schools. Hopefully the Board could have this second option by June Board meeting and a decision then could be made on the t-shirt vendor for the Peach Hersch said that a several riders on last year’s Peach were disappointed that there were not enough peach pies for the event. He suggested that more peach pies be ordered than other flavors. Winnie suggested that if it was possible to bring back the ice cream that was served at past Peach Rides. It was recommended that there be a water source in the Silverton area.

Annual Picnic: A Picnic Coordinator is needed for this year’s picnic. The date selected for the picnic is August 16 at 3 pm. Preslee coordinated a successful event last year at the City of Keizer Park in the gazebo. Preslee recommended that we use the same location again this year. Hersch will check with the city to confirm the reservation.

Board Member Opening: Carolyn Foland announced her resignation from the Board. Her position is open till the end of 2015. Marilyn Monson expressed interested in the position. The Board unanimously nominated her for the position. Her name will be referred to the May General Meeting for election.

Salem Bike Boulevards: At the April meeting, the SBC Board agreed to write a letter of support for bike boulevards to the City of Salem. Chris reported the City of Salem is applying for a planning grant for a boulevard through the Grant and Highland Neighborhoods following portions of the Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway. He will be preparing a SBC letter of support for this grant. Hersch reported that this boulevard impacts Keizer, so the Mayor of Keizer is planning on writing a letter of support, too.

June 9, 2015

Present: Preslee Jeffers, Bob Luoma, Chuck Young, Chris Hoy, Winnie Sangirardi, Hersch Sangster, Sandy Lundblad, Marilyn Monson, David Philbrick.

David opened the meeting. David welcomed the newest Board member Marilyn Monson.

Treasurer’s Report

Operating Fund: $3,582.07
Ride Events: 3,447.39
Money Market: 22,243.39
Bank of the Cascades: 10,097.43 
Pay Pal: 210.11
Petty Cash: 20.00
Total: $39,600.39

There is one expense outstanding for the Monster Cookie. Last year the profit was $2,500. The estimated profit for this year is $12,000. The 2015 budget projected $16,000 profit so we are $4,000.00 short of that projection. We will have a full quarterly budget-to-actual report next month.

The Board reviewed the donation request from the NW Hub that was submitted last year. The SBC was unable to honor the request because of the low turnout for the 2014 Monster Cookie. The NW Hub was told the Board would again review their request after the 2015 Monster Cookie. The donation request was for $800. At this year’s Monster Cookie, the SBC pledged $1 per rider would go to support cycling and bike safety. We had 1,138 riders. The Board was in full agreement to approve the $800 donation request from the NW Hub. The Board approved giving the rest, $338 to the Boys and Girls Club as part of the SBC ongoing support of their cycling and safety programs. A prior donation request that was put on hold because of the 2014 Monster Cookie, the bike rack in Keizer, was not considered by the Board, since this project was completed without the need for SBC funding. Hersch mentioned that 2015 Salem Sunday Streets maybe requesting a donation similar to the amount the SBC donated last year - $500.

David went over the registration and other costs for the Peach of a Century. Hersch had been asked at the last meeting to check on the possibility of a new designer for the Peach t-shirt. Hersch reported that Randy Thomas could not do a design for the Peach. He will start working on a design for Monster Cookie. David indicated that Shirley is willing to do the Peach shirt for this year. The Board recommended increasing the day of ride cost for the Peach to $45, but keeping the pre-registration at $30 and changing the child fee to $10. The new style of Sport-Tek long sleeve shirts cost more so the Board recommend the cost be $25 to cover the higher cost. The Board supported removing Santiam Cycle and Fall Sports as sponsors on the registration form, since they were not sponsors last year and are not planned for this year. NW Hub should be added, since they helped last year and are planning to help again this year.  Sandy recommended that the registration form have a warning on it – “Do Not Staple Form Or Check”. A water stop on the 100-mile route between Silverton and the end was recommended and more of the Peach pies. Preslee said that bibs should be obtained for the Peach, so as to avoid the problems that we had at the Cookie. David will look into bibs Hersch mentioned that the SAG kits contain old and very poor vests. They clearly did not meet ANSI standards for our road guards and Sags. Hersch will look into the costs for new ones that meet current standards.

A coordinator is needed for this year’s picnic. The date selected for the picnic is August 16 at 3:00 pm. Hersch confirmed the reservation with the City of Keizer and has the permit. Chris will look for a coordinator for the picnic.

The Board previously approved the use of the SBC bike rack during the construction of the City of Keizer's Big Toy at Keizer Rapids Park. Hersch and Mary Ann installed the rack at the building site this week and will pick it up next week. There is a Salem Bicycle Club sign on the rack.

On June 13, the East Salem elementary school and neighbors are putting on a community event that includes a bike skill fair. The Salem Bicycle Club will be there to help with the fair. Clark Luchau helped get this arranged.

Chris gave an update on a club membership offer from Ride with GPS. If the Club buys this plan members would be able access all the premium membership feature when participating on a club ride. This includes easy downloading of club rides to their devices and it could act as Club ride management tool. Chris was going to talk more with Doug Parrow, our webmaster, about the features of this plan and the benefits.

David mentioned a member asked to have her SPOKES delivered electronically. In the past it was determined that if we reduce the number in the mailings, our costs increase, since we are currently at the Bulk Mailing minimum. However, we are paying about $500 per Spokes mailing. Chris will be checking with Doug on how we could go electronic. Spokes is already posted to the SBC website and currently available on-line.

July 14, 2015

Present: Preslee Jeffers, Bob Luoma, Chuck Young, Winnie Sangirardi, Hersch Sangster, Sandy Lundblad, Marilyn Monson, David Philbrick. Absent: Chris Hoy.

David opened the meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

Operating Fund: $2,420.80
Ride Events: 3,447.41
Money Market: 20,244.29
Bank of the Cascades: 10,097.43 
Pay Pal: 407.67
Petty Cash: 20.00
Total: $36,637.60

Sandy had sent out the June 2015 Quarterly report for Board Review. David indicated that everything looks okay at this point in the year.

David alerted the Board that SPOKES may have been delayed by the USPS, since Valley Mailing did send it out six days before most members received them.

He also mentioned that two riders from the Monster Cookie had contacted him about not getting the t-shirt that they had ordered on the day of the Monster Cookie. He was going to refund them their money.

Peach Planning: Hersch had been asked at the last meeting to check on the possibility of a design for the Peach shirt. He brought a design by David Lahnala. The Board approved the design with these changes; the bike image to a road bike, delete the dash after Sept 13 and change the mileage to 72. David asked that Hersch go ahead and work with Imageaction Wear to match the design with a complementary long sleeve SportstTek shirt. The Board thought the idea of silver, green, blue or navy might look good. David will get an idea of the number of needed shirts to Image by August 15. Based on the day of ride t-shirt ordering. The Board suggested that for the Peach a separate t-shirt ordering table and order form be used. Preslee asked about using number bibs for the Peach, so as to avoid the rider identification problems that we had at the Cookie. David felt that we have so many of the wrist bands left, that on the Peach we should use these up and have the registrars to tell the riders to have these wristbands visible during the ride. It is particularly important that we be able to distinguish between registered and non-participating riders on the Monster Cookie. Our goal is to work to make this change for the 2016 Monster Cookie. At the last meeting Hersch mentioned that the SAG kits contained old and very poor vests. They clearly did not meet ANSI standards for our road guards and Sags. Hersch obtained the cost for the vests at Highway Signs and at Imageaction Wear. The full ANSI vests at Highway were $20 and the bib style ones at Image were $17.50. The Board approved and directed Hersch to purchase eight of the full vests for $20 each.

Annual Picnic: The annual picnic will be August 16 at 3pm.at Chamber Park at Keizer City Hall. Jim and Jakey Ross are the coordinators for the picnic. They are planning a short bike ride as part of the picnic.

Monster Cookie Jersey: Hersch and Larry Miles received a proposal from Primal Jerseys to create a special jersey for our 40th Anniversary Monster Cookie and to participate in the 2016 Cookie. The Board had received a copy of the proposal before the meeting for their review. The cost to the club would depend on how many we purchased, but the cost would be between $33 and $36. The SBC could set the selling price. Primal would also help with some of the advertising of the jersey. Primal is known for good quality and properly sized jerseys. Primal would create the design. Hersch indicated that he felt this jersey would replace ordering any SBC jerseys for 2015 and 2016 from Voler. Hersch will talk with Primal about the timelines that were proposed and see if we can get a small order prior to our January 2016 Annual Banquet for members to see and purchase. An image of the jersey should be available for our website and MC online registration by January 2016. Hersch indicated that Randy Thomas is preparing a design for a SportsTek shirt for the 2016 Monster Cookie. This image should be ready by December and can be on the website and online registration. We will move away from the all-cotton shirts to the SportsTex shirts There was a Board discussion on whether we could sell both Primal jerseys and SportsTek t-shirts. It was felt that with the ride being the 40th and monitoring what we order/preregistration, having the designs on our website early, and promoting them early, both should sell. The Board approved Hersch and Larry moving ahead with Primal jersey and a SportsTex shirt for the 2016 Monster Cookie.

Electronic Delivery of Spokes: The Board again discussed on the possibility of having SPOKES delivered electronically. As mentioned at last meeting the Board needs more information from Valley Mailings on the costs for Bulk Mailing, what is needed to convert, and the associated costs. Chris will be checking with Doug on how we could go electronic. Spokes is already posted to the SBC website. It is posted on-line about the same time it is sent to Valley Mailing, so it is available prior to the first of the month.

Upcoming Events: David mentioned that on July 15 at 6 pm the Blind Athletic Association is having a tandem ride at the School for the Deaf. They need riders to help. Before you do this ride you will need a background check.

July 31 – August 2 in Monmouth. The MS ride needs riders and people to provide mechanical support and “Sweep” of the course.

August 11, 2015

David opened the meeting.  Present: Preslee Jeffers, Bob Luoma, Chuck Young, Winnie Sangirardi, Hersch Sangster, Sandy Lundblad, Marilyn Monson, David Philbrick, Joanne Heilinger, Carlie Keever, JoAnn Dewey. Absent: Chris Hoy.

Treasurer’s Report

Operating Fund: $2,386.84
Ride Events: 3,447.44
Money Market: 18,245.11
Bank of the Cascades: 10,097.43 
PayPal: 42.28
Petty Cash: 20.00
Total: $34,239.10

Ride Official Start Time and Ride Credit: Joanne Heillinger had requested a Board review and recommendation to the Ride Committee on riders that start club rides before the official start time. David opened the discussion and wanted the Board to hear all the sides to the issue and make recommendations. He stated that he saw some flexibility for the Board on this issue. He thanked Carlie Keever, JoAnn Dewey and Joanne Heilinger for attending. Recently two riders started the Saturday ride before the start time and had asked for credit for the ride later. Carlie Keever indicated that the early start was due to the expected high temperature that day. She felt because of health reasons it was reasonable to start earlier than the posted start time and that ride credit should be given. She recommended that the SBC develop ride policies that if the temperature was above 85 degrees, that the rides would automatically start an hour earlier. Hersch gave the history that brought the SBC to develop the policy that “Ride credit will be awarded only for participation in Salem Bicycle Club rides listed in the club’s rides schedule. The Club has a financial and an integrity responsibility in making sure mileage and ride counts are correct. Joanne Heillinger also stated that the Rides Committee had earlier this summer started a ride earlier because of the heat. They tried to notify everyone through social media, but this did not work, because our rides are open to the public and not all the public or members are tied to social media. There were riders that did show up at the regular time. Joanne heard about this. She felt we could not change times without it being announced in SPOKES and on our other sites, including the Statesman Journal. As far as a rider starting on their own time, Joanne did some checking on our insurance with LAB at American Specialty. The agent, Rene Waterson stated:

“From an insurance perspective we would not recommend that you allow a club/first time invited guests to start a club sponsored ride prior to the designated start time. Our understanding of a club sponsored ride is that the rider leader, date, time place is established prior to the ride whereby club member are invited. If you allow a rider to start the ride at a different time, different route, I feel it would be difficult to say they were part of your club ride when they were not actually riding with your club.”

It appeared after discussions that there were two separate issues for the Board - ride credit and starting rides earlier because of the temperature. The Board seemed to agree that the Rides Committee could start earlier or later rides if the temperatures were an issue as long as both members and the public could be notified. The suggestion of an automatic change if the temperature was above 85 degrees was discussed. JoAnn Dewey suggested that the earlier start time for the weekend ride be automatic when the weekday evening rides are added to the calendar in April. The Ride Committee already makes time adjustments for the winter rides. The Board felt that this solution was simple and allowed all riders to be notified of ride time. The Board unanimously agreed to recommend to the Rides Committee to implement an earlier ride time for the spring /summer weekend rides beginning in April 2016.

On ride credit, if the SBC allowed individuals to choose their own start times, for whatever reason, we would have an unmanageable situation. Riders need to sign in on the ride sheet at the start. The SBC has an established policy on this and it is consistent with our insurance’s recommendation. The Board agreed not to give ride credit in this situation.

Peach Planning: Joanne went over her needs for more volunteers for the Peach. She needs help with registration, ODOT sign set-up at least 2 teams, route marking, sag, and pie cutting. She asked that ride leader mention the need for help at their rides. David will be getting the food items for the Peach. Hersch purchased the eight ANSI Highway vests and will have them in the sag kits.

Annual Picnic: The annual picnic will be August 16 at 3 pm.at Chamber Park at Keizer City Hall. Jim and Jakey Ross are the coordinators for the picnic. They are planning a short bike ride as part of the picnic.

Salem Sunday Streets: Hersch announced that Salem Sunday Streets will be on August 30, from 11am to 4pm. The streets around the Capitol will be closed for walking, cycling and other human powered modes. There will be vendor and music, too. The SBC will have a booth on Waverly Street. There will be a Safe Route to School mini-bike skill event. There will be a walk/ride event starting at the Transit Mall at 2 pm. Everyone is invited to participate. Hersch needs volunteers to man our booth during the event. Bob Luoma said he could help.

Electronic Delivery of Spokes: The Board continued the discussion on the possibility of having SPOKES delivered electronically. Sandy had shared information she had obtained from Valley Mailing. SPOKES including printing and mailing/postage is $5,000 ($500 per month for SPOKES issued 10 times per year. $72 for the cover page of SPOKES which is in color, $823.60 for the Directory delivered in March. The expected total cost for 2015 is $5,904. Spokes is already posted to the SBC website. It is posted on-line about the same time it is sent to Valley Mailing, so it is available prior to the first of the month. Marilyn indicated that any cost savings could help the SBC with promoting cycling and responding to more donation requests. The current membership fees do not cover the cost of SPOKES and the other mailings. This is an area the Board will have to consider in the near future. There are several methods of going to electronic SPOKES. One is to change over completely with all membership or as Doug Parrow suggested to David that the SBC could make the change as new members are added or old ones renew. Another option is to have a higher membership fee if a member wants a paper SPOKES. Currently the Club is at close to the minimum for the bulk mailing costs, so any drop would increase the bulk mailing costs for the Club. Hersch said he was supportive of the electronic SPOKES, but was hopeful that an alert could go out each month to members when SPOKES is posted. The Board will get more input from members on this issue and continue the discussion.

Club Brochure. David presented the draft of a club brochure. He was asking for editing from the Board. He along with Chris will finalize the brochure and get it to printing.

Ride With GPS Club Membership. This subject is delayed till Chris gets back.

September 15, 2015

Present: Preslee Jeffers, Bob Luoma, Chuck Young, Winnie Sangirardi, Hersch Sangster, David Philbrick, Chris Hoy, Jeff McNamee. Absent: Sandy Lundblad, Marilyn Monson.

David opened the meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

Operating Fund: $9,255.90
Ride Events: 4,455.94
Money Market: 16,245.82
Bank of the Cascades: 10,097.43
Pay Pal: 1,043.00
Petty Cash: 20.00
Total $41,118.09

David will be out for the September, October General Meetings and the October Board meeting. Chris will be filling in.

Peach Debrief: David indicated that we had 247 riders for the Peach this year. He did not have all the bills in yet, but was aware of them. He felt that the SBC made about $3,300 on the 2015 Peach. The new SportsTek long-sleeve Peach t-shirts and the design went over very well. No one was transported during the ride. All the riders made it back and there were no incidents noted.

For next year’s Peach, we will need more peach pies, mechanic support at Stayton and Silverton, and maybe a little broader advertising like the Monster Cookie.

Donation Request Salem Area Trail Alliance: Jeff McNamee from Salem Area Trail Alliance was present to explain what the SATA is doing and how their donation request to SBC would be used for the Wallace Park trail. Jeff said that the monies that have been raised would be used to hire a plan designer to help with the trail and bump track. They have run into slight problem with the trail to the north of the park because of finding of an endangered turtle species in the pond. Jeff said they are working with the City of Salem for an alternative trail in Wallace or if they have to, switch to Woodmansee Park in South Salem.

David said that this sure sounded like a project that would enhance cycling in the area and encourage kids into cycling. Chris moved that the SBC approve the $1,000 donation request from SATA, It was seconded and all Board members approved.

Kathy Lincoln request: David said that the SBC had received a request from Kathy Lincoln to put an article into upcoming Spokes supporting the Transit payroll tax ballot measure. She also wanted time to speak at the next general meeting. Kathy is one of the Keizer’s Commissioners on the Transit Board. David felt that the Club should refrain from political activities. Hersch indicated the payroll tax proposal on the November ballot clearly has Club members on both sides of the issue. The Club could have issues if it is perceived that the SBC is taking sides. He said that he has speakers booked for the general meetings through June 2016. He would prefer not to cut into the speakers’ time. Chris mentioned that any political activity might affect our non-profit status. Hersch said historically the Club has stayed out of any political campaigns. The Board approved having Hersch contact Kathy and say we are denying her request for time at a general meeting and a Spokes article.

Application Ride/Activity Waiver: David indicated that Sandy had received a member application from a member, in which the member had marked out and initialed key waiver elements of our standard LAB Release and Waiver of Liability, assumption of risk and indemnity agreement. The Club’s insurance is with LAB and this is what is required. Hersch said from a risk management standpoint the Club needs this waiver, which has stood the test of time. Both David and Chris felt that the form should be sent back to the member to have the waiver signed without the deletions. The Board fully supported this action for this member’s application.

Salem Hospital Employee Health Fair: David announced that Salem Hospital will be holding an employee health fair on September 25 from 11 am to 3 pm. He has arranged to have a table for the SBC. David asked Hersch to coordinate the event. Chris, Chuck and Winnie volunteered to help at the event. David indicated that the new SBC brochure should be available for the event.

Ride with GPS Club Membership: Chris said he met with Doug Parrow on the Ride with GPS Club premium membership offer. It appears that this would be a good member benefit we could offer. Members could use any device to download Club rides. Chris was not sure of the yearly cost, but clearly it was less than $500 a year. Hersch stated this sounds great, since more and more members are using mobile devices to ride, instead of the old paper map. As a new member benefit with some cost, the Board will have to look at membership fees in the future.

The Board approved purchasing the Club Membership as long as it does not exceed $500 a year. David will try to get this new benefit listed on the Club brochure being developed.

SBC Elections-November 2016: The following four Board positions are open for next year: Preslee, Member at Large; Hersch, member at large/secretary; Bob - member at large; and David, president. All the incumbents expressed an interest in seeking reelection to the Board.

Volunteer/10/500 Gift Ideas: Hersch asked for some ideas for the volunteer and 10/500 gifts. For the 10/500, wool cycling socks were suggested and for the volunteers a duffel bag made for cycling gear. Hersch will check in on these items and get cost and bring it back to the Board.

Upcoming SBC Events: Salem Hospital Employee Health Fair 9/25/2015, SBC Potluck, Swap Meet and Elections 11/17/2015, Annual Banquet 1/24/2016.

Future Items for the Board: Banquet planning, elections/nominations, ISP server change.

October 14, 2015

Present: Preslee Jeffers, Bob Luoma, Chuck Young, Hersch Sangster, Chris Hoy, Doug Parrow, Marilyn Monson, Sandy Lundblad. Absent: David Philbrick, Winnie Sangirardi

Chris opened the meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

Operating Fund: $1,946.29
Ride Events: 4,161,46
Money Market: 16,246.49
Bank of the Cascades: 10,097.43
Pay Pal: 1,043.00
Petty Cash: 20.00
Total: $35,514.67

Valley Mailing Service billed the SBC $572. This is higher than our regular rate. Jackie worked with Valley to correct the billing to $500. The Board earlier had approved the printing of the new SBC Brochure. Preslee was able to a secure a printer for 1000 brochures at $236 plus $15 for the heavier gauge paper.

Sandy asked for approval for the new SBC Reimbursement Form. Board approved it.

Website Server: As mentioned at last month’s meeting our current website provider is shutting down their server, so the Club needs a new location for the website. Doug has been looking for a new one for the Club at a reasonable cost. He has checked with Amazon and with Peak Internet. Doug feels that with Peak being in Corvallis, they would be easier to chat with and they do provide an e-mail service. The current program code we have would have to change to Linux coding for Peak. Doug felt that it would be better in the long run and be a more usable code. The Board approved up to $750 for Doug to help do the transition to Peak as a web server. Our current Web people will continue to help with our web maintenance and the transition.

Request for Grant Application – Salem Sunday Streets: The City of Salem has opened up grants for organizations to apply for to help stage/organize events like Salem Sunday Streets. Hersch said that the SBC has been involved since the first Salem Sunday Streets as a participant. This year Hersch worked with the organizing committee. The SBC has been approached to apply for one of the grants and apply it to helping organize next year’s Salem Sunday Streets.

Hersch indicated that this would take some effort by the SBC. He is committed to the 40th Year Monster Cookie and helping at the Peach. He could help with the SBC booth at the event, but not in applying for the grant and doing the level of work required as an organizer. The Board agreed that the SBC docket will be full with the upcoming Monster Cookie and Peach rides. The SBC Board will pass on the grant application.

Volunteer Gifts: Hersch asked for the Board’s input on Volunteer gifts. At the last meeting a suggestion was made to get bike specific bags. After checking the market, these would cost $70 to $89 each and that would not include the SBC monogram. The Board agreed that this cost is too high. Hersch had a catalog with other items. The Board reviewed the catalog and voted to have Hersch look into getting a bag similar to the one that was obtained five years ago, with the SBC monogram. It is estimated that we would be ordering about 35 of them at a cost of about $35.

Monster Cookie Jersey: Hersch indicated the final design for the Monster Cookie Jersey has been completed and an initial order is ready to go. Primal has indicated that if we ordered 101, the cost per jersey is only $33. All subsequent orders would also be only $33. Hersch’s recommendation is for an initial order of 101. The Board agreed that the jersey will sell. Hersch will send the billing to Sandy when he gets it for payment. Plans are to unveil the jersey at the Banquet.

Annual Awards Banquet: The banquet is on Sunday 1/24/2016. The SBC needs to find a location for the event. Preslee volunteered to help look for a location. Suggestions for possible location have been Roth’s and the Kay Woolen Mill. Any suggestions about the banquet should be directed to Preslee at: presleejeffers@gmail.com.

Hearing Impaired Cyclist: Sandy received an e-mailed from parent of a hearing-impaired adult child that has recently moved to Salem and who is interested in cycling and commuting. Sandy put her in contact with another commuting cyclist that is hearing-impaired. Hersch put together a packet on bike safety information for Sandy to give to her. Sandy invited her to SBC General Meeting.

Elections-November 2016: There are four Board positions open for next year. There was an article in the October Spokes about the openings.

Ride with GPS Club Account: Doug will be helping with a soft-rollout of this new member benefit. He will be providing instructions to member on how to access it. Plans are for a Spokes article and some time at the Banquet to educate members on this benefit.

Upcoming SBC Events: SBC Potluck, Swap Meet and Elections on November 17 and Annual Banquet on January 24, 2016.

Future Items for the Board: Banquet planning, elections/nominations.

November 10, 2015

Present: Preslee Jeffers, Bob Luoma, Chuck Young, Hersch Sangster, Chris Hoy, Marilyn Monson, Sandy Lundblad. Teresa Jeffers. Absent: David Philbrick, Winnie Sangirardi.

Chris opened the meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

Operating Funds: $1,229.58
Ride Events: 2,163.49
Money Market: 13,747.13
Bank of the Cascades: 10,097.43
Pay Pal: 1,043.00
Petty Cash: 20.00
Total: $28,300.63

Annual Banquet: The Banquet is planned for January 24, 2015 at 6 pm. Teresa Jeffers did an outreach to several venues to find a nice and affordable place for the banquet. She contacted Roth’s, the Mission Mill, Willamette Valley Vineyards, Eola, Keizer and several others. The costs for some of the places were surprisingly high and there were limits on catering at some. The Board reviewed the list of places that had been contacted and agreed that Creekside had a nice atmosphere and was most suitable location for the banquet. The Board agreed to a menu of chicken, pork loin or a vegetarian dish, desserts and a no-host bar. The Board asked Teresa to make arrangements with Creekside for our banquet. The Board felt that the cost for the event should be the same as it was last year for member. Hersch thought it was $25. (Board later found out it was $20). The Board agreed that it should be the same cost as last year - $20. Chris will work with Doug Parrow to get the banquet registration going. SBC will have the audio-visual equipment for the event.

Hersch indicated that the 10/500 items (wool socks) and the bags for the volunteers have been ordered. He will be contacting Doug for the tabulation on mileage for the Road Animal and the other awards.

November 17 Potluck/Swap Meet and Elections: Neither David nor Chris will be able to attend the meeting. Hersch will conduct the meeting. For the potluck, it was felt that there is always more than enough food, so there is no need to have food assignments. The event has been advertised in SPOKES.

For the elections, the Board did receive an e-mail from David indicating that he would prefer to step down as president, but would be willing to help as vice-president. Chris felt his new job would interfere with the president and vice president duties, but he felt he could help as a member at large. The Board received no other nominations and had no knowledge of any member interested in the president position. Hersch indicated that he would ran for president if someone else was interested in stepping into the secretary role and helping with some other ongoing duties. Marilyn indicated she would be willing to fill the secretary role. Hersch will make his final decision before the meeting. So the election docket would look like this: President, Hersch Sangster: Vice-President, David Philbrick; Members at Large,Chris Hoy, Preslee Jeffers, and Bob Luoma

Upcoming SBC Events: Annual Banquet at Creekside Golf Course on January 24, 2016 at 6 pm. Monster Cookie Ride on April 24.

Future Items for the Board: December 8 - Banquet planning and Volunteer Points tabulation.

December 8, 2015

Present: Preslee Jeffers, Bob Luoma, Chuck Young, Hersch Sangster, Marilyn Monson, Sandy Lundblad, Doug Parrow, David Philbrick, Winnie Sangirardi. Absent: Chris Hoy.

David opened the meeting at 6:30 pm.

Treasurer’s Report

Operating Fund: $3,798.71
Ride Events: 2,163.51
Money Market: 10,747.64
Bank of the Cascades: 10,097.43
Pay Pal: 1,043.00
Petty Cash: 20.00
Total: $27,870.29

SBC Webserver Transition: Doug explained that our new Webserver is Amazon Web Services. The local webserver Peak Internet turned out to be more costly and would require a change from Windows to the Linux system. For the 1st year the service is free, except for a small traffic cost. Then the cost would be about $30 a month starting next October, just slightly higher that what we have paid in the past. The earlier e-mail issue seems to have been resolved. The old provider, Ryan from DogBoy has been excellent in helping us make the transition for free! He is willing to help us in the future. Doug requested the Board approve up to a $50 gift card as a thank you for such great service from DogBoy. The Board fully approved the $50 request.

New Board/Roles: David congratulated the new SBC Board. Members elected at the November meeting were; President, Hersch Sangster; Vice-President, David Philbrick; Members at Large, Chris Hoy, Preslee Jeffers, Bob Luoma.

The Board will formally take over in January 2016. Sandy has agreed to stay on as Treasurer and Marilyn has volunteered to take over as Secretary. Preslee will continue as the Membership Coordinator. Their positions will be formalized at the January meeting. David will write the President’s Link for the next issue of SPOKES. Hersch got the secretary’s database and secretary role instructions to Marilyn and will help her in the transition. The SBC has speakers/activities for the general meetings through September, so Marilyn will not have to worry about this right off. Hersch will be preparing the agenda for the January 2016 Board meeting.

Annual Banquet: The Banquet is planned for January 24, 2016 at 5 pm at Creekside Golf Course. Dinner will be served at 6 pm. Registration is on the SBC website and at the Banquet. Cost is $20 per person. Chuck brought a microphone for the event. Preslee will see if they can find an amplifier for it. The SBC does have a projector and Preslee will have a screen.

Hersch indicated that the 10/500 items have been ordered (wool socks) and the bags for the volunteers. He will be working with Salem Trophy for the Mileage/Ride and Road Animal awards. Doug will have tabulation on mileage for the Road Animal and the other awards in early January 2016. Doug will also generate the gift certificates, member stickers and information on the Car Less Days winners.

David will work with Hersch in developing the PowerPoint presentation for the Banquet. Chris will be developing a photo presentation and has requested photos from members.

Doug will speak on the Ride with GPS benefit the Club now has for members. Larry Mills and Hersch will talk about the 40th Monster Cookie and unveil the new Monster Cookie jersey.

SPOKES: Larry Miles will continue to be the SPOKES editor. Doug and JoAnn Dewey will continue working with Larry in editing and preparing SPOKES. Hersch will work with Larry in getting the door prizes for the Banquet and more ads for SPOKES. Doug provided information on the SBC process for ads in SPOKES and the discount given for those that provide door prizes. Hersch with Larry will check on expanding to include REI, Fall Sports, NWHub, and maybe Pearl Izumi in Woodburn and Salem Summit.

Volunteer Points: The Board reviewed the points for Club activities from Board members to Ride Leaders. The Board approved a list last January 2015. It appears that this list still applies. David recommended adding Map Coordinator at 25 points. The Board approved this new activity to the list. Hersch provided a list of members that participated in outreach activities in 2015. The Board will finalize the volunteer point and determine at which level of points gifts will be awarded for 2015 at the January 2016 meeting.

NW Hub – Film Series: NWHUB has requested SBC help in putting on a Bike Safety Fair on February 6. The Board felt this was a good outreach activity. David will let them know that the SBC will help. Hersch will also work with the NW Hub as part of the City of Keizer Traffic, Bikeway and Pedestrian Committee and ODOT Bike Safety for the event.

David mentioned that in May the Progressive Film Series at Salem Cinema will show a film on promoting bicycle community transportation. David wanted to know if the SBC was willing to sponsor the film. The Board agreed that this sounded like a nice idea, but wanted to preview the film before making a commitment.

Upcoming SBC Events: SBC Banquet, January 24 at Creekside Golf Course 5 pm. Monster Cookie Ride on April 24.

Future Items for the Board: January 12 - Banquet planning, Volunteer Point Tabulation, SBC Budget.

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