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Club members and other cyclists can receive information about club events and updates on rides via the club's Facebook page or Twitter feed. The club posts status updates on these sites to remind members of upcoming club meetings and other events, to seek volunteers to coordinate rides and perform other tasks, and to notify local cyclists of last-minute changes in the club's rides calendar; e.g., cancellation of a ride due to weather or correction of a ride listing in the newsletter.

Several years ago, the club maintained an email discussion list using services offered by Topica. However, the list was difficult to maintain and frequently did not work. Because of these problems, the club shifted to using Facebook and, subsequently, has set up a Twitter account through which status updates are also provided.

Those who have a Twitter account can receive updates by following the Salem Bicycle Club (@salembikeclub) and, within their Twitter settings, can specify that they would like to receive a text message whenever the club posts a status update.

However, you generally do not need either a Facebook or Twitter account to receive status updates. Club members who do not wish to set up a Twitter account can start receiving status updates by sending the text message "follow salembikeclub" (without the quotes) to 40404 on their cell phones. (Sending "off", "stop", or "leave" to 40404 will turn off receiving updates from any Twitter users who you are following. Sending "stop" twice in succession will delete your follower lists and remove your phone number from Twitter.)

After sending the text message to follow salembikeclub, you may recieve a message encouraging you to sign up for a Twitter account. You should not have to do so to start receiving SBC updates.

Cyclists who do follow salembikeclub should not expect to receive a voluminous number of status updates. In a typical month, the club posts just a few items such as a reminder of the general meeting and information about the program. SBC status updates are not used for general discussions of bicycling or other similar conversations.

For more information on receiving text messages via Twitter, click here or contact the SBC webmaster.

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