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RWGPS Club Account

The Salem Bicycle Club has a club account on Ride with GPS. The account allows club members to take advantage of several paid features of RWGPS for all routes in the club’s library. (Non-club members pay $50 a year to access these features.)

The club has used RWGPS to map rides for several years and each of the club’s routes is available on RWGPS. Club members who have navigated to the ride details page in the online calendar have seen a “GPS Link” that allows them to load the route onto their Garmin. When viewing the route on RWGPS, anybody--members and non-members--can also see the route profile and estimates of the steepness of the climbs and descents.

The club account provides additional features for SBC members that they otherwise could only access by purchasing a membership on RWGPS. However, these additional features are only available for SBC routes. The features include:

  • Turn-by-turn navigation, including audible cues, with the RWGPS iPhone or Android app enabling club members to use their smart phones to navigate SBC rides.
  • The use of offline maps on the RWGPS app. This feature allows users to download a route and detailed maps while they have a Wi-Fi connection and, in so doing, ensure that they have navigation in areas without cellular coverage and avoid large data charges.
  • Automatically sync the club's event rides such as the Monster Cookie to your RWGPS account for display in the app.
  • Print customized maps and cue sheets for SBC routes.

Signing up to take advantage of the club account is easy. First, if you don’t already have an account on Ride with GPS, sign up for one. The type of account you chose can be a free, starter account. Then go to the account page for the Salem Bicycle Club and “Apply to Join.” Finally, send an email message to the SBC Route Coordinator telling us who you are and what RWGPS nickname you have chosen. (RWGPS nicknames do not necessarily provide sufficient information to identify who the user is or whether they are an SBC member.) We will approve the request as soon as we can confirm that you are a club member and you will then be able to take advantage of the enhanced features.

Detailed instructons on using the features provided under the club account are here.

Don’t hesitate to contact the SBC Route Coordinator if you have questions about this club benefit.

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