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Ride Cancellation Procedures

SBC rides will be canceled if weather or road conditions are dangerous for cycling. The procedures for cancellation of a ride are:

  • The ride coordinator, ride committee chair, or a board member will consider cancellation of a ride if:

- Temperatures below freezing with wet and potentially icy roads are likely.
- There is an accumulation of snow and slush on or along roads.
- Temperatures at the ride start time or within the 4-hour window after the start time are forecast to exceed 95 degrees.
- The DEQ air quality index during the ride likely will exceed 150 (Unhealthy).
- Sustained winds exceeding 35 mph and/or gusts exceeding 40 mph are forecast.
- Other conditions that would make cycling dangerous are expected.

  • The primary responsibility for the decision to cancel a ride rests with the ride coordinator and ride committee chair. In making the decision to cancel a ride, the coordinator and committee chair should consult. If the committee chair is not available, the coordinator may consult with an SBC officer or other board member. Preferably the cancellation decision will be made the evening before the ride, but in any event, at least 2 hours prior to the start of the ride. However, under extenuating circumstances, a ride coordinator may cancel a ride at any time prior to the start of the ride.

  • After deciding to cancel a ride, the ride coordinator or ride committee chair should notify the webmaster of the decision. The webmaster will post the cancellation on the SBC website and Facebook page.

  • It is preferable, but not essential, that the ride coordinator, or another club member, be at the ride starting location of canceled rides to notify potential participants who may not have received notice of the cancellation

  • The ride coordinator should close out the ride by logging into the SBC website and completing the ride participant data entry by entering a “0” in the mileage box and checking the “Ride Complete” box.

November 2022

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