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 2009 Board of Directors Minutes


January 13, 2009

Present: J. Maurice, A. Linskog, J. Harris, J. Lefevre, A. Bushey, R. Luoma, L. Miles, M. Lebow, G. Moyer, G. Schopfer, and Doug Parrow.

Treasurers Report:
Checking Operating Fund:  $1,438.25
Checking Ride Events:  $160.63
Money Market:  $30,708.62
Money Market Paulson:  $10,461.64
Total:  $42,769.14

Jackie Lefevre had the signature documents for the accounts signed by the new officers. She presented the income and expense statement and will have it published. Increase in Reserves for 2008 was $5,200.

Interest income from the CD’s will be allocated to charitable contributions. At the next Board Meeting a budget will be presented. Charitable contributions will be a budget item.

Shelving for Storage Unit: Bob Luoma bought new shelving for the storage unit and set up the storage unit. We now need an inventory of club equipment and supplies. Labeling of shelves also has to be done. Bob Dichtel and Robert Fox helped Bob Luoma set up the shelving. Thanks to all.

Banquet: Garry Moyer reported that everything was set for the Banquet. He asked everyone to contact all the members they knew and encourage them to get their reservations in by the 15th. The Board okayed a request from Scott McKanna for an extra microphone. Awards lists were discussed. Garry would work on the Awards lists.

New Business: Doug Parrow made the following proposals:

1. Keep rates ($20) the same for event rides at what has been published but review and see if a change is needed for next year. Proposal voted on and passed.

2. Keep all three event rides for 2009. Proposal voted on and passed.

3. Eliminate club discount for day of ride registration, Discount for pre-registration only. Proposal voted on and passed.

Board Vacancy: Because Jeff Harris has become President, there is an opening for a Board Member at Large. Jeff will send out a Topica message to the Club Members to recruit a new Board Member.

Membership Survey: Bob Luoma proposed a survey of membership desires for future club activities. Pads will be on the Banquet table to collect comments for this survey.

New Award : Award for Most Club Rides is being created for next year. An expenditure of $140 was approved to pay for the new award.

Web forum: Doug Parrow gave a presentation on the new Forum portion of the Club website. Users will have to register to use the Forum. Doug will present the Forum to the Club at the February General Meeting. Topica ends March 1. The Forum will replace it. Doug requested approval to spend up to $750 for software to make a calendar utility to list the club rides and make appropriate links. The request was approved.

Mapping Committee: Garry Moyer presented a coding system for club rides. He will work with the Rides Committee to see how it will work with the rides catalog.

Meeting Adjourned.

February 10, 2009

Present: J. Maurice, J. Harris, J. Lefevre, R. Luoma, L. Miles, M. Lebow, G. Moyer, G. Schopfer, J. Dewey and D. Parrow.

Jeff Harris asked how the new time of 5:30 to 7:00 worked for people. Gary Moyer said it was too early for him and it interfered with his work schedule. He was looking for a new meeting place. He has a possible place to meet but the details are not complete yet. He will make a proposal to the board when they are.

Eric Lundgren, representing BTA presented a proposal to expand club activities to accommodate families and other people interested in cycling or new to cycling. He also indicated that he might be interested in a Board position.

Treasurers Report:
Checking Operating Fund:  $1,011.99
Checking Ride Events:  $4,160.63
Money Market:  $24,708.62
Money Market Paulson:  $10,492.98
Total:  $40,374.22

Bills that needed to be paid were $129.08 for postage, and non-profit training. Mark Lebow said the training was worthwhile. $150 needed for the Chain Gang Awards. The 10-500 Awards have been ordered. All expenditures were approved.

Budget: The proposed budget for 2009 was discussed by the board. Doug Parrow suggested that changes be made the advertising revenue and unspecified donations. A discussion ensued and the following proposal was made. Adopt the budget but change Advertising amount to $500, $4,000 to Bicycle Safety Education, and $6,000 to Unspecified Donations. This proposal was adopted by the board.

Jeff Harris said he would contact those advertisers in the Spokes and see if they wanted to continue. The advertisers would have to pay prior to having an ad in Spokes.

John Maurice asked what was the minimum amount the club needs to retain to function. Jackie Lefevre said approximately two times annual revenue.

Requests for Donations: Kate Tarter made a presentation to the board requesting help in purchasing bike racks for city parks. City Parks does not have the funds to do this. The parks that need the racks are Northgate, Riverfront, and Bush. Price of the racks installed is $948. Bob Luoma and Doug Parrow will investigate the proposal and present their findings at the next meeting.

Erik Lundgren, representing Friends of Two Bridges, asked for a $500 donation to partly fund the opening of the railroad bridge across the Willamette River April 4, 2009. The donation will help pay for restrooms, permits, and printing. The donation was approved by the board.

Other Old Business: Awards not presented at the Banquet will be available at the general meeting.

Doug Parrow requested a $850 check for the table at the Alice B Toeclips Banquet in March. This expenditure was approved at the November 20008 Board meeting.

New Business: The February General Meeting will prove to be very informative about the future of cycling in Salem. First of all, we have Courtney Knox of the City of Salem and Alex Sanchez of Friends of Two Bridges joining us. Courtney Knox will give a short presentation on the four design options for the Minto Island Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge. The bridge would connect Riverfront Park and downtown to Minto Island and the Minto-Brown Island Park.

In addition, we will welcome Alex Phillips, the the Oregon Parks and Recreation Bicycle Recreation Coordinator who give a short presentation on the Willamette Valley Bikeway and will talk talk about the new State Bikeway Program.

Lastly, Kate Tarter will join us. She recently has been appointed to the Salem / Keizer Transit Board of Directors.

March General Meeting is still looking for a program.

A ride coordinator is urgently needed for the Watermelon ride.

Future Board meetings need to discuss event rides and awards.

Board Members/positions and Expiration Dates.

Jeffrey Harris, President - January 2010
Bob Luoma, Vice-president - January 2010
Mark Lebow, Treasurer - January 2011
George Schopfer, Secretary - January 2010
Larry Miles - January 2011
Doug Parrow - January 2011
Joann Dewey - January 2011
Gary Moyer - January 2010
Position Vacated by Jeff Harris - January 2010

Meeting was adjorned.

March 18, 2009

Present: R. Luoma, L. Miles, M. Lebow, G. Moyer, G. Schopfer, J. Dewey, D. Parrow, and K. Shribbs.

Treasurers Report:
Checking Operating Fund:  $3,001.61
Checking Ride Events:  $4,160.63
Money Market:  $22,708.62
CD:  $10,500.62
Total:  $40,371.48

Check was approved to pay Dogboy for web services $719.95 Doug Parrow requested reimbursement of $492.72 for copies, awards and postage. Jackie Lefevre requested reimbursement of $105.00 for car-less day awards. All expenditures were approved.

Monster Cookie applications amounting to $2,784.00 for 200 people have been received.

The Certificate of Deposit has to be renewed. Renewal approved by the Board.

Old Business:  Bob Luoma found his missing Banquet Awards recipients.

Doug Parrow will check with Salem Parks to see if there is an alternative to price or installation for the proposed bike racks. He will report at the next meeting.

Railroad Bridge opens April 18th. Friends of Two Bridges sent a thank you note for the $500 donation.

Alice B. Toeclips Banquet went well. All seats were filled. Mayor Taylor received an award for Salem. It was a very nice event.

BTA is talking to City of Salem concerning Bike Lids parking.

Keith Shribbs offered his candidacy for Board Member at Large. Keith has been a member of the club for the last two years. He has completed the STP one day event. The Board will recommend his confirmation of appointment by the club membership.

Ride coordinators for Watermelon and Peach are still needed. Board will talk about this at the March meeting.

New Business: Doug Parrow said that our adopt a road signs are missing from Cordon Road. Doug recommended that the Board approve replacing the signs. Doug said he would consult with Marion County and see if a more durable installation can be made for the signs. He will report back to the Board.

Bob Luoma said that he needs someone to handle the sale and distribution of club jerseys.

Doug Parrow reported that the Awards Committee is working on creating a volunteer points schedule upon which the awards will be based. The Board discussed the topic. Discussion will be continued at the next meeting.

Larry Miles gave the board a brief update on Monster Cookie preparation. Permits have been received with a new permit yet to get from the State as we changed the route which incorporated the St Paul Highway. The new caterer for lunches is the Wooden Nickel. Also the process of making assignments to volunteers has been started.

Meeting was adjourned.

April 14, 2009

Present: J. Harris, R. Luoma, L. Miles, M. Lebow, G. Moyer, G. Schopfer, J. Dewey ,D. Parrow, J. Lefevre and K. Shribbs.

Treasurers Report:
Checking Operating Fund:  $6,194.46
Checking Ride Events:  $2,413.38
Money Market:  $22,741.30
CD:  $10,511.68
Total:  $41,860.82

Bills submitted – Joanne Dewey requested reimbursement for $53.40 for postage.

Monster Cookie applications amounting to $5,864. Expenses for the Monster Cookie so far are $1800.

Old Business: Bob Luoma found his missing Banquet Awards recipients, but has not completed distributing all of them.

Doug Parrow will check with Salem Parks to see if there is an alternative to price or installation for the proposed bike racks. He will report at the next meeting.

BTA is talking to City of Salem concerning Bike Lids parking.

Ride Coordinator Awards are now complete and will be distributed by Garry Moyer. Shirley Giesbrechet made all the award certificates. Thanks Shirley.

Mapping Committee has not met recently, but will have to get restarted.

The Adopt a Road signs for Cordon Road are missing. Marion County says that it will cost $260 to replace them. They also have a way to make them more resistant to theft. Board approved the replacement of the signs.

A proposal to offer Awards for Club Participation will be placed on the Forum and discussed at the General Meeting. The proposal is for members to earn points for club participation that would be awarded at the Banquet as gift certificates to the local bike shops.

Ride coordinator for the Peach is still needed.

New Business: Larry Miles gave an update on the Monster Cookie. He said that things were coming along but he still needed 25 volunteers. Signage required by Marion County for the event was still being worked out, but Scott McKenna was helping and the additional signs should be obtained from Marion County. Wooden Nickel is supplying the lunches for the ride. Larry said that the Statesman Journal has written an article on him and the Monster Cookie.

Jeff Harris recommended that the ads in Spokes be stopped until payment is received. A discussion was made of this recommendation. The Board recommended that the advertisers in Spokes be contacted once again and asked if they want to continue advertising in Spokes. If they desire to continue then they will be asked to pay for the ad.

Watermelon Ride: The Board discussed the lack of a ride coordinator and the lack of time to successfully make arrangements for this event ride. The Board elected to cancel the Watermelon Ride for this year and work towards revamping it to serve a wider population for next year.

Doug Parrow made an announcement that on April 22, 2009, 7:00 AM, there will be a ride for the legislature. Everyone is invited to ride.

Meeting was adjourned.

May 12, 2009

Present: J. Harris, R. Luoma, L. Miles, M. Lebow, G. Moyer, G. Schopfer, J. Dewey ,D. Parrow, and K. Shribbs.

Treasurers Report:
Checking Operating Fund:  $4,481.75
 Checking Ride Events
:  $ 4,252.00
Money Market
:  $32,741.30
:  $10,511.68
:  $51,986.73

Club received a thank you from Friends of Two Bridges for the donation made to the opening of the railroad bridge.

Monster Cookie ride had orders for 88 more t-shirts. All bills have been paid for the ride that have been received. Bills from Keizer Police and the porta-potties have not yet been received. This outstanding expense is estimated at $2,500.

Old Business: Bob Luoma has made all Banquet Awards except for Boe and Lippy.

Doug Parrow said that the Salem Parks request for bike racks is still pending. Doug motioned that the club pay for half the requested amount - $612. The motion was approved by the Board

Marion County has changed its criteria for adopt a road. The application process has become much more bureaucratic. Doug Parrow recommended that we not replace the road signs until the process for adopting a road becomes easier.

Advertising: Invoices were sent to all previous advertisers. Some have renewed the ads.

South Salem Cycle was omitted from the ride leaders gift certificates accidentally. This has been corrected. Mike Wolf of South Salem Cycle was contacted concerning the correction.

Mapping Committee is in the process of reviewing all club ride maps. The review should be done by the next meeting. Garry Moyer has built a database for the rides so they can be sorted by length, geographic location, and difficulty.
New Business:

Jerseys: There has been interest in ordering more club jerseys. Bob Luoma will look into reordering them. Doug Parrow suggested a young rider reward jersey to use up the small sized jerseys. Ride particiants can earn a club jersey when they ride a number of club rides.

Awards: Doug Parrow gave a presentation for the participation award system. The particulars of this system will be posted on the Forum for review and comment. Board approved posting of this on the Forum.

Boys and Girls Club: Cary Roberts and Tim Sinatra, representing the Boys and Girls Club of Salem, gave a presentation on what their organization offers the community. Tim proposed that the Boys and Girls Club partner with Salem Bicycle Club and offer a cycling challenge to local youth and families. He showed the Board a ride and cycling challenge that he organized in Virginia. This ride raised money for the Boys and Girls Club and introduced club members to cycling. He proposed something similar in conjunction with the Peach of a Century. The Board said that they would have to discuss this proposal and get back to him.

Eric Lundgren: Thanked the Club for the donations and support of the Friends of Two Bridges projects. Eric requested $100 to act as seed money for valet bicycle parking at Salem Saturday Market. The Board voted $200 donation to the project. The Club members may be asked to volunteer to help man the valet parking in the future.

Meeting was adjourned.

June 9, 2009

Present: J. Harris, R. Luoma, L. Miles, M. Lebow, T. Tilque, G. Schopfer, J. Dewey ,D. Parrow, and K. Shribbs.

Treasurers Report:
Checking Operating Fund:  $2,858.90
Checking Ride Events:  $4,093.45
Money Market:  $32,749.71
CD:  $10,512.09
Total:  $50,214.15

Club received a thank you from BTA for $1,786.00 donation from the Monster Cookie ride.

Paid the City of Keizer $1,125 for their support for the Monster Cookie ride.

Old Business:

Bob Luoma has made all Banquet Awards except for the Lippys.

Salem parks thanked the club for the $612 donation for the bike racks.

Marion County has changed its criteria for adopt a road. The application process has become much more bureaucratic. The Board decided not to replace the signs on Cordon Road and not renew the club’s participation in the road cleanup program.

Advertising: All the advertisers have renewed their adds for Spokes.

Mapping committee: Mapping Committee reviewed all the club ride maps and culled out duplicate maps. The next task will be to select maps that need to be updated.
Marion County 150 Ride: Starts in Stayton Saturday June 20. Postcards will be mailed to club members alerting to the ride. We want to have a large participation in this event.

New Business:

Boys and Girls Club: A subcommittee was formed to see what help the SBC could give the Boys and Girls Club for cycling. A proposal was made by the subcommittee that $1 per registration on the Peach ride be made to the Boys and Girls Club to support their Cycling challenge team of 5 to 7 riders. Also proposed was the possibility of an additional donation to help their cycling team when the Boys and Girls Club makes an additional request. Also a link from the club’s website to the Boys and Girls Club site for those interested in make donations privately. Doug Parrow will contact Tim Sinatra at the Boys and Girls Club to coordinate this.

Peach: A proposal was made to add a 75 mile element to the ride. This requires no additional mapping or support and allows those not wanting to do the 100 mile portion a way back to Salem.

Bike Racks: Does the SBC want to start a bike rack program? This would offer club help to anyone that wanted to install a bike rack. The discussion showed support for a grant program where proposals would be made to the club for money to purchase the rack and install it on a case by case basis.

General Club Meeting Programs: We need to develop more programs for the General Meeting. Different topics for these programs were discussed. A request for participation in a committee to organize these programs will be made at the June General Meeting.

Meeting was adjourned.

July 14, 2009

Present: J. Harris, R. Luoma, L. Miles, J. Lefevre, G. Moyner, G. Schopfer, J. Dewey , and D. Parrow

Treasurers Report:
Checking Operating Fund:  $1,479.63
Checking Ride Events:  $2,616.45
Money Market:  $:  $32,786.84
CD:  $10,512.13
Total:  $47,395.25

Old Business:

Bob Luoma said there is no change to the status of the club jerseys.

Mapping committee: No additional progress.
Bike Racks: Requests for bike racks will be handled on a case by case basis as donation requests come in to the club. In the future all requests for donations will be required to fill out the form for the club's records.

Bob Luoma suggested that the club take advantage of the discount on our storage unit if the club paid for a year at a time.

ICE bands were suggested as a gift to riders on the Peach of a Century. The Board decided that this was not necessary.

New Business:

Board decided to send flowers to Joe Dobson, of the Bike Peddler, who is recovering at OHSU.

General Club Meeting Programs: Program suggestions were discussed. Doug Parrow said he would help get the General Meeting Programs posted on the website.

Peach of a Century: Larry Miles will give and update on preparations for the ride next board meeting.

Meeting was adjourned.

August 11, 2009

Present: J. Harris, D. Parrow, G. Moyer, J. Dewey, B. Luoma, L. Miles, K. Shribbs, M. Lebow (filled in as secretary)

Meeting began at approximately 7 p.m.

Treasurer's Report: Operating Fund $975.93 Events Fund $2,616.45 Money Market $30,807.73 CD’s $10,512.13 Total $44, 912.24

A $5,000 CD has matured and rolled into a money market account until the Board decides where to invest it. The Board asked Mark to research alternatives and report back next Board meeting. The Board approved expense reimbursements for Doug Parrow in the amount of $221.14 and for Mark Lebow in the amount of $32.99.

Old Business:

Larry Miles, Board reported on the Peach of a Century ride which will be September 27th this year. Everything is coming together. He feels much more comfortable at this time than he did with the Monster Cookie. He has made good progress with Silverton, Jefferson, and Chemeketa CC. He has some sag drivers lined up, but still needs more; he wants a minimum of five because of the size of the course. Steve Sanchez of Kiwanis International is handling the rest stops. A caterer is baking the peach pies this year.

New Business:

Dave Philbrick has agreed to assume responsibility for tracking the ridership in the SBC weekly rides. He needs to upgrade to Access 2007 to take over the existing rides database. In an email, Dave had estimated a cost of $70 - $87 from looking at Amazon. The Board approved a motion for Dave to spend a reasonable amount to upgrade to Access 2007.

Dave’s volunteering to enter weekly rides is meant to be a short term solution. He already does a large amount of work entering people for the event rides. Dave will only enter miles for people who indicate they are club members on the ride sheets. Doug would like to move the rides database to the SBC website. That way ride coordinators and a few other designated individuals can share duty of entering mileage. Individual riders could sign in and see what rides they have done, their mileage, and a mileage ranking. The event rides database could be on the website as well to facilitate sharing the workload. Doug will determine the requirements and get an estimate from the web service provider.

Garry Moyer has already reserved the Cat Cavern at Willamette University for the annual banquet. As usual it will be the last Sunday in January. Garry will let Mark know how much the deposit is and who he should send it to.

JoAnn reported on the Salem Boys and Girls Club (SBGC) development team in training for the Peach ride. Sponsors have provided funds for seven SBGC riders (two of them sponsored by SBC). The SBGC is putting together a bike package including helmet, gloves, etc for the development team. This package may also be available for others.

The team training will begin at an athletic club. SBGC will look to the SBC for help when the team begins riding out on the road.

Tim Sinatra of SBGC is also interested in using the Watermelon ride time slot for a bicycle event if the SBC is not going to put on the Watermelon ride in the future. The board discussed how difficult it is to continually provide 3 event rides per year. Doug moved that Tim be advised that the SBC will not sponsor the 2010 Watermelon and encourage him to organize a broadly based community event in which the SBC will be a participant. The motion passed.

It was suggested that someone write an article for the Spokes about the SBGC development teams’ participation in the Peach. Doug also asked JoAnn to let him know if there is a SBGC link that Tim would like us to link to from our website registration page.

Meeting adjourned.

September 8, 2009

Present: J. Harris, L. Miles, G. Moyer, G. Schopfer, J. Dewey , M. Lebow, K Schribbs

Treasurers Report:
Checking Operating Fund:  $1,408.99
Checking Ride Events:  $2,616.45
Money Market:  $30,807.73
CD:  $10,702.16
Total:  $45,535.33

Mark Lebow researched CD rates. Paulson CD coming to maturity. Board passed the motion to use Bank of The Cascades for future CDs. Motion was passed to deposit $10,000 in the Bank of The Cascades into a CD.

Joanne Dewey requested $200 for postage. The Board approved a request from LAB for a donation with a lump sum of $1,000.

Old Business:

Peach of a Century: Larry Miles gave the Board an update on the Peach ride. All the rest stops will be serviced by the Kiawanis. There is construction at the entrance of Chemeketa Community College. This may be a problem if not completed by the start of the Peach. There is chip seal on the Peach route in Linn County. Marion County has signage requirements that have to be sorted out.

Banquet: Gary Moyer gave a report on the Banquet preparation for January 24, 2010. It will be at the Cat Cavern in the large room. The contracts have been signed with Willamette University.

Boys and Girls Club Development Team: Joanne Dewey gave a report on the team. They may not have all of the team members on the Peach of a Century. Team members are currently going to spin classes at the Courthouse, but they may not be ready to ride a long ride. Some of the members will volunteer at the Peach.

New Business:

Gary Obery, a LAB Certified Bicycling Instructor, met with the Board to discuss classes to be presented in
Salem on Safe Bicycle Riding in Traffic. Gary volunteered to give a sample presentation at the February 2010, General Meeting.

He also presented the suggestion that the Salem Bicycle Club help with an intern position at Willamette or another educational institution to help lobby local government about bicycle issues. The Board tabled discussion on this until the next meeting.

Board Meeting Time: Due to a change in meeting times at The First Presbyterian Church, future Board meetings will take place at 06:30 PM.

Meeting was adjourned.

October 13, 2009

Present: B. Luoma, L. Miles, D. Parrow, G. Schopfer, J. Dewey , M. Lebow, K Schribbs, J. Lefevre

Treasurers Report:
Checking Operating Fund:  $10,688.54
Checking Ride Events:  $4,301.70
Money Market:  $26,509.91
Paulson Acct. :  $5,025.00
CD:  $10,000.00
Total:  $56,525.15

Mark Lebow and Jackie Lefevre gave a budget report. Advertising revenue was up. Both the Monster Cookie and the Peach rides exceeded revenue projections.

Future donations were reviewed and the club is on budget with projected donations to Bicycle Safety and Boys and Girls Club.

Visitor: Charles Perkins came to the Board Meeting and said that he, along with the Gannett Organization, was putting on the Oregon Capital Classic, June 18 – 20. This will be an event that includes a 3 day stage race, BMX event, Mountain bike event, and a triathlon. Mr. Perkins has been active in the Sea Otter Classic and the Amgen Tour of California. The Oregon Capital Classic benefits CASA, YMCA, and the Red Cross. JoAnn Dewey said that that period had been used by the Watermelon ride and she had been coordinating with the Boys and Girls Club to use this period for their fund raising ride. She said that the Oregon Capital Classic may compete with the Boys and Girls Club event. Mr. Perkins said he wanted the Club’s support for his event but was not looking for the Club to provide volunteers or funds.

New Business:

Web Page: Doug Parrow want to spend $2,925.00 to create a Web based database that ride leaders can use to enter the rider mileage. This database would enable club members to review their mileage in a timely fashion and eliminate the reliance on one person and one computer to maintain the rider mileage database. The Board approved the expenditure.

Banquet Awards: Doug Parrow said he would work with Gary Moyer on the Volunteer Awards for the Banquet January 24, 2010. Road Animal Awards are being created also.

Boys and Girls Club: JoAnn Dewey said that the October General Meeting program will be presented by JoAnn, Teresa White of the Boys and Girls Club , and some of the Bicycling Development Team. Their bikes arrived last week and their first ride will be on the Ankeny Refuge. There are 7 riders on the team.

Meeting was adjourned.

December 15, 2009

Present: J. Harris, B. Luoma, L. Miles, G. Schopfer, J. Dewey , M. Lebow, K Shribbs, D. Philbrick, J. Pink, G. Moyer

Treasurers Report: No Treasurers Report.

Visitor: Kate Tarter made a request for help buying an adult tricycle for a developmentally disadvantaged person who volunteers in the community. The Board took it under discussion and assigned George Schopfer to consult with Kate on the Board’s questions concerning this donation. George will report back at the January Board meeting.

New Board Positions: The Club held elections at the November General Meeting, but no one was nominated for President. The Board asked for volunteers among the Board members for President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. The Board now has the following people as Officers and members.

President – JoAnn Dewey
Vice President – Larry Miles
Treasurer – Mark Lebow
Secretary – George Schopfer
Membership – Dave Philbrick

Members at large are John Pink, Bob Luoma, Keith Shribbs, and Doug Parrow.

Garry Moyer gave a report on the Banquet. Everything is ready. Signup forms will be in January Spokes. Banquet is at the Cat Cavern on Willamette University Campus, Sunday January 24, 2010, at 6:00 PM. Doug Parrow will also set up PayPal for online registration for the banquet.

New Business:

Non Profit Board Training: Non Profit Board training is offered at OSU. The Board approved Mark Lebow, JoAnn Dewey, and Larry Miles to attend. The cost is $95 per person and $8 for the lunch.

Boys and Girls Club: Flow Riders Cycling Club has requested $200 for logo sweatshirts for the team to use at club activities. This helps promote the cycling club. Board approved the request.

Meeting Site for Board Meetings: January Board meeting will be the Third Tuesday, at TIUA, 1300 Mill St., Salem at 6:00 PM.

Garry Moyer made a motion that a donation of $100 be made in thanks to the First Presbyterian Church for allowing the Board to meet there for the last year. Board approved.

Meeting was adjourned.

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